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  • Superman The Movie Fortress Of Solitude 40th Anniversary Pin

    Superman-The Movie first premiered theaters in December of 1978, and today stands as the first of its kind: the grand-daddy of today’s super-hero epics. 
    This original 40th Anniversary pin is 2” tall by 1.5” wide with 2 posts for extra stability and lobster clasp backings, and comes on a 2.5" x 3.5" double-sided collector's card. 
    This pin was created to pay homage to Superman-The Movie’s director Richard Donner, to the inspiration of its producers, and to Christopher Reeve and the superb supporting actors who gave the movie its heart and soul, made it succeed, and made everyone Believe That A Man Could Fly. 
    A Rao sized thank you to Jim Bowers from CapedWonder.com for making these pins fly off our computer screens. Jim’s collection of all things Superman and wealth of knowledge make him better than Jor-El at the Fortress of Solitude. 
    CapedWonder.com’s Mission is to Honor and Celebrate Christopher Reeve’s legacy as an Actor, Humanitarian, Teacher and Family Man; and to Honor the Directors, Filmmakers, Writers, Cast and Crew of the classic Superman movie series.
    CREDITS: Pin art by Jon Fendt, art direction by Jim Bowers, and pin creation planned and executed by Caped Justice Jewelry & Collectibles.